Arimino Sherpa D.Supple Shampoo D-3 280ml

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Direction of use: *Wet your hair.
*Pump shampoo on your palm and massage into hair and lather. *Rinse thoroughly and follow up with Arimino Sherpa Design Supple Treatment.

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Arimino Sherpa Design Supple Shampoo D-3: *Moisturises hair and give water retention with the Award winning product
*Ideal for thick, hard and coarse hair
*Infused with rich berry rose scent *Fine-grained foam blended with honey *80% is sugar, rich in vitamins and minerals, and amino acids. Excellent moisturizing power, the water-holding capacity.
*Rich in palmitoleic acid contained in the sebum 2 macadamia nut oil refining, familiar to the hair, high permeability.
*Cholesterol component can take from three plant phytosterol derivatives. Prepare the hair as similar substances CMC.

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