D Wellso Power Dishwashing Liquid – Lemon (1L)

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For tougher grease,squeeze 2-3 drops of Dwellso directly onto wet sponge.Proceed to wash untensils and cooking vessels

Keep out of reach from children

If product comes in contact with the eyes,wash immediately with water

If swallowed drink plenty of milk or water and seed medical advice

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Each drop of this real lemon extract formula is boosted with natural mineral salt giving every pack the degreasing powder of move than 100 lemons

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Dwellso with 1/2cups of water in a bowl
Proceed to wash utensils and cooking vessels with Dwellso solution
Place a dishwashing sponge into the Dwellso solution and squeeze repeatedly until it lathers
Rinse thoroughly after wash

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